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The Little Things About Travel – Cab Drivers

So there I am, at the bottom of The Peak Tram in Hong Kong.  I’m soaking wet.   I’ve managed to wrench my back somehow and am in the sort of pain only someone whose back lived through a pregnancy resulting in a nearly twelve pound baby can be.  It’s raining.  And worst of all – the won ton soup I had ordered at the top of The Peak had smelled like someone took the shrimp for a sun-filled vacation in a rotting sewer.  It was sent back, of course.  And I got no won ton soup.

japanese italian fusion
We ended up with Japanese/Italian fusion. Did you know that’s a thing? That’s totally a thing. There is a thing called Japanese/Italian fusion.

Sometimes you have these days when you travel. “But!” I told myself. “Hey! I’m in Hong Kong! That’s awesome! And we’ll just take a cab back to the hotel, chill and dry, then get some won ton soup somewhere else! Really, I’m totally ahead on this!”

Little did I know that one does not simply “take a cab” when it is raining in Hong Kong.

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