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On Airlines : British Airways

Disclaimer:  We use British Airways a lot, and we have a rather large point balance with them.

BA flying all majestic-in-the-skies
BA flying all majestic-in-the-skies

Why, you may ask, do we have a large BA point balance instead of using those beautiful little things to purchase more travel?

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Cape Town!

I love Cape Town.  I can’t even express how much I love Cape Town.  Whenever the subject of Cape Town comes up, I feel like those old Muppet Show snippets with Animal running around chanting, “WOMAN!”

Except I’m chanting, “CAPE TOWN!” of course.

So I think I might have been one of the most excited people in the world to see Cape Town in the number one spot on the New York Times list of 52 Places to Go in 2014.  Cape Town is one of the most amazing, kid friendly, inexpensive, and breathtakingly gorgeous places our family has ever been – and it is SUPER easy to get there.

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Great Britain Friends and Family Railcards

£10 off the regular £30 one year Friends and Family Railcard, online only, unti 24 February 2014.  Use promotional code WEB10.  More information at website.

If you are going to do any family train travel in Great Britain, you absolutely must buy a Friends and Family Railcard.  It will save you loads of money, sometimes even paying for itself on the first trip.


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Things Discovered While Traveling – The Art Edition

I’d like to think we raise our children with a well-rounded education and exposure to a various assortment of scholarly pursuits amongst their judo and boxing lessons.   I mean, we do like to watch musicals together.  The current favorite is Les Miserables, but I have two teenage girls in the house, so that is rather to be expected.

Where I fall woefully short in educating my children is the world of art.  I’ve always meant to focus more on that, to make sure my children knew the difference between a Picasso and  Jackson Pollock and were able to appreciate that others appreciate the work of Mark Rothko.

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