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Vacation Planning Junkie

Christmas is done planned.

Sort of.  I mean, we have airline tickets (yay for airline miles!).  I’m working on hotels and transportation.  I have three of four guidebooks…

The whole travel guide thing is ridiculously addictive.  I have thirty.  So far.
The whole travel guide thing is ridiculously addictive. I have thirty. So far.

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Mommy Wars in the Sky

You get to the airport barely before the recommended two hours and head to the check-in desk.  You tried to plan ahead and checked in online, but there are bags involved.

Bags tossed onto the magic belt, you head toward security.  On the way there, your child finds two pieces of chewed gum under a trash-can lid, touches the floor approximately 97 times, grabs a stranger’s pant let thinking it’s you and then howls in – what?  fear?  rage? At this point you don’t know and are quickly reaching the don’t care point.

Lugging the carry-on and a child(ren), you head toward the security line, where you wait.  And wait.  And wait for someone to take embarrassing pictures of you and single you out for extra touching.  While in line, your child wiggles along on the floor, sometimes singing, sometimes crying.  The snotty nose makes an appearance.  A strange smell starts to waft around the line, and you make knowing motions toward the elderly person with the walker ahead of you to try and deflect suspicion.  You know it is your child, but you can’t exactly leave the line to take care of the problem.  And everyone is staring at you with great hope that you will not be on their flight.

Welcome to flying with children.  You’ve now completed the easy part.

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London To Heathrow: How To Get There

If you’re travelling into England from any distance, there is a reasonably good chance that your flight will be coming into Heathrow Airport.  I’m not a big fan of Heathrow because it is huge.  Really, really huge.  As in, I think the different terminals are in different counties.  And the driving is horrifying.  As is the parking.

London Underground SignMy solution:  take the train.  There are two options for taking a train to Heathrow.  You can either take the Underground (the Tube), or you can take the Heathrow Express.  If you ask the Transport for London people, they’ll recommend the Heathrow Express.  I recommend the Picadilly line of the Tube, and I’ll tell you why.

When considering taking the train to the airport, most people are balancing three factors:  price, time, and convenience.  The Heathrow Express loses the contest in at least two categories, and it is a tight argument for the third.


The Heathrow Express costs £21 one way, or £34 for a return ticket.  There is also a business class ticket, but I can not, in any way, shape, or form, imagine needing to buy an upgraded ticket for a 15 minute journey on an already nice train.  If your travels require you to go somewhere other than Paddington Station, you’ll also need to buy the appropriate Tube ticket for that part of your trip.

The tube from Zone 1 (central London) to Zone 6 (Heathrow) costs £5.50 for a single ticket.  If you are an Oyster card holder, or you plan to buy an Oyster card for your visit, the fare is £5.00 during peak times, and £3.00 during non-peak hours.  ( For this trip, peak is considered 6:30 am to 9:30 am and 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm.)  If you anticipate other Tube travel that day, a Zones 1-6 Day Travel Card is £16.40 if travel begins before 9:30 am Monday through Friday, or £8.90 for any travel after 9:30 am Monday through Friday, or on Saturday, Sundays, or public holidays.

Winner Tube


The big selling point for the Heathrow Express is that it is fast.  A journey on the Heathrow Express takes about 15 minutes from Paddington Station to the airport.  However, the Heathrow Express platform is very inconveniently located.  If you are taking the Tube to Paddington, you need to leave at least twenty minutes for getting between the Heathrow Express platform and the Picadilly line platform.  Trains leave every 15 minutes for most of the schedule, but as long as every 30 minutes late some evenings and early on Sundays, which can also add to your journey time.

By comparison, the Tube voyage from Paddington Station to Heathrow airport takes approximately one hour as scheduled.  Keep in mind that rail works can add to the scheduled time.  Trains run at least every 10 minutes, and often more frequently.

While the Heathrow Express is certainly faster when considering the time spent actually travelling on the train, the time savings is much smaller when you consider the transit time at Paddington Station and the less frequent trains.  If you are really crunched for every last minute, and you think you can get across Paddington Station quickly even with your luggage, you might choose the Heathrow Express.  Otherwise, you’re not gaining much time for the aggrevation we’ll discuss later.

Winner Tie

Another time consideration is the hours that the trains run.  Neither the Tube or the Heathrow Express run 24 hours per day, so they will not work for very early or very late flights.

The first Underground train from Heathrow to London does not leave the airport until shortly after 5 am, with the exact time depending on your terminal.  The last Underground train from Heathrow to London leaves just after midnight, except for Terminal 4 from which the last Tube just after 11 pm.  All these times are different on Sunday, too.  Be sure to check out the Transport for London website to verify the times for your travel day, and to check for any disruptions to service.

The Heathrow Express service runs (roughly) from 5 am to midnight, depending on your terminal.  Check the Heathrow Express website to verify the times for your travel day.


As I’ve said, moving across Paddington Station isn’t easy or fast.  This is especially true as they continue to do work on the station.  Transferring between the Heathrow Express and the Tube requires either several sets of steep stairs  or a long walk and the use of escalators or the lift.  I’ve done both, and I’ve enjoyed neither.  I’m sure it is fine for those who don’t have luggage, children, or anyone less-abled travelling.  But honestly, how many people are going to the airport without any luggage, kids or other encumbrances?

Flight Of Stairs At Paddington Station

If you are continuing on to other trains, using the Tube can often eliminate a train change because the Picadilly line runs directly to Kings Cross and St. Pancras International train stations.  These two stations service many of the major train routes throughout the UK and also across the Chunnel into Europe.

Winner Tube

Other Options

If neither the Tube or the Heathrow Express are working for you, you may want to consider taking a taxi, pre-booking a private car or taking the T9 bus.  Both a taxi and a private hire car have the added benefit of picking you up and delivering you to exactly the places you need.  Travel times will depend on your destination but will be comparable to the Tube.  A taxi to central London will cost between £45 and £70, and a private hire car will cost somewhat less with the bonus of having a fixed price versus the taxi meter.

Prebooked hire car from Green Tomato
Prebooked hire car from Green Tomato

The bus is cheap, but I can’t recommend it as a good way to start or end a voyage.

Not everyone will agree, and your exact choice will depend on the time of your flights, the members of your party, the amount of your luggage, and your ultimate destation or voyage starting point.   There are many options, and one is right for your group.  Be sure to consider the Tube if you hear recommendations for the Heathrow Express.  And happy travelling!

Paddington Station stairs photo by the_whiteness

Green Tomato car photo by Toyota UK


Get Me OUT of Here!

Anyone with kids is well acquainted with the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Days that accompany life as a parent.

It’s not that there aren’t nasty days when you don’t have kids, it’s just that when the nasty days show up post-kid you have to factor them in to your reactions.   This single fact is probably why those of us with a few mosquitos in tow don’t take off to recharge when those hideous days rear their inevitable heads.

How on Earth can you take off for a trip to recharge with THIS going on?
How on Earth can you take off for a trip to recharge with THIS going on?

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SkyScanner Makes It Easy to Find Cheap Tickets to Random Destinations

Most of us have probably had the thought:  “I don’t care where we go, I’ll just see where I can get great prices.”  That sounds great, until you’ve spent six hours on the Ryan Air website and you still don’t have a plan.

Enter SkyScanner.  While it is like most other travel search sites, it has some features that make it especially appealing to me.  First, you can enter your destination as “Everywhere.”  Second, you can search for fares over a month, which is awesome if your plans are flexible or even semi-flexible. Continue reading SkyScanner Makes It Easy to Find Cheap Tickets to Random Destinations

Make it Cheap!

Round trip business class tickets to Europe - with miles - $200.  Cheap travel is awesome.
Round trip business class tickets to Europe – with miles – $200. Cheap travel is awesome.

Last year I visited six European countries and three African countries.  I also visited four American states, one of those for the first time.  It was fun.

It would have also been very, very expensive if I didn’t have a few tricks up my sleeve for just such occasions.

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On Airlines : British Airways

Disclaimer:  We use British Airways a lot, and we have a rather large point balance with them.

BA flying all majestic-in-the-skies
BA flying all majestic-in-the-skies

Why, you may ask, do we have a large BA point balance instead of using those beautiful little things to purchase more travel?

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