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Did you say the Galapagos? Yes, I'm game! Or Cambodia. Also Latvia. Maybe Malaysia. Panama? Okay, I'll go anywhere. With kids.

Things Discovered While Traveling – The Art Edition

I’d like to think we raise our children with a well-rounded education and exposure to a various assortment of scholarly pursuits amongst their judo and boxing lessons.   I mean, we do like to watch musicals together.  The current favorite is Les Miserables, but I have two teenage girls in the house, so that is rather to be expected.

Where I fall woefully short in educating my children is the world of art.  I’ve always meant to focus more on that, to make sure my children knew the difference between a Picasso and  Jackson Pollock and were able to appreciate that others appreciate the work of Mark Rothko.

I’ve always meant to do this, but somehow I fell short of that goal.  This is where we were saved by travel. Continue reading Things Discovered While Traveling – The Art Edition