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Why Fresno and Timbuktu?  Well, Fresno is from….wait for it….Fresno.  And she’s going to Timbuktu this summer.

Kate, well, she has no excuses.

Fresno’s story:

We’re traveling.  With kids.  Also, sometimes traveling with pets.

Cats and three-year-olds are challenging travel partners.

We love Thai food, Subway sandwiches, and we would never look down on you for eating at the McDonalds off the Champs Elysees.  Mostly because we did that, too.  You might have seen us there.

We have Third Culture Kids, and we planned it that way.  Right now we live outside the United States, but we haven’t always.  However, travel has always been a priority for us.  When we couldn’t find a way to afford travel outside the US, we traveled throughout the country – and since the United States and Europe are roughly the same size, our kids’ mileage counts went through the roof at an early age.

We use every trick to finance our travel possible:  airline miles, sales, hotel points, discount airlines, home exchanges, camping, overnight trains, apartment rentals, and a few others I don’t remember until they get us where we’re trying to go.

Not everyone is interested in travel the way we are, and not everyone is interested in traveling the way we do – and that’s okay!  We still might be able to exchange some ideas that can help both of us.

Kate’s story

Kate’s story is totally different. Except that it includes travelling with kids. And sometimes cats, though only when absolutely unavoidable.

We’re also living overseas, but only for another 18 months.  So our desire to see everything is pretty high.  And by “our,” I mean, “Mom and Dad.”  My kids would rather sit home in front of a fire and read, or watch Sherlock Holmes, or have dental work, than get anywhere near a plane, train or automobile.

We’re different from Fresno’s family in other ways.  While I am frugal, I am also terrible at making plans in advance flexible.  Unfortunately, frugal and flexible don’t really play well together.  As a result, we spend a large portion of our family’s budget on travel.  I’m hoping to learn some tricks from Fresno and maybe save a few dollars along the way.  More importantly, I am trying to get my children engaged in the trips we force upon them.


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