Cash Back on VRBO and

You know that feeling when you discover something that you wish you had known a long time ago?  That’s exactly how I felt when I discovered that I could get cash back on my VRBO and just by making my bookings through Ebates.

I’ve been using Ebates for years, and have earned hundreds of dollars in rebates for things I was already going to purchase online.  Somehow, I failed to notice that there were lots of travel options available.  Duh!

While there are over 115 listings in the travel section, the ones that jumped out at me are:  2% rebates

Home Away   up to $6.00 rebates

VRBO  up to $6.00 rebates

I have used these websites many times, and I can’t believe that I have missed out on all those rebates.

Ebates rocks for all your online shopping, even travel.  If you haven’t joined, you can earn a $10 gift certificate to Target or Kohls when you make your first purchase.

I hope this trick helps you stretch your travel dollars just a little further.