Introducing: Before You Go, Read…

Knowing an area’s history can add exponentially to a trip, which is why Fresno makes her kids read the Horrible History books.  Almost every location is the subject some fabulous historical fiction and non-fiction.  Since we’re avid readers, Fresno and I decided that we would do a series where we review the books that have helped make our travels even more interesting.

I know y’all are big readers, too, and you’ve travelled places we’ve not yet gone.  We’d love to hear your suggestions for books that are good pre-trip reading for specific locations.  You can comment here, or shoot us an email at kate at fromfresnototimbuktu dot com.

First up:  Naples, Italy  Check back this weekend for my book suggestions to set the scene for your time in this beautiful, ugly, wonderful, frustrating city.

fabulous photo by:  Santi B