Don’t Fear… One Way Tickets

This summer I’m sending my husband on a very short trip, but one he has been dying to take since… forever.

Shanghai?  Kuala Lumpur?  Sydney?  No.  No.  No.


Definitely not Marrakech.

A fantasy and gaming convention.  You’re welcome, honey.

But of course, I want to get him there cheaply, and I don’t want to waste our precious airline miles on it.  Done and done – how?


A quick look at Expedia and Kayak was problematic.  I could find round trip tickets for a very reasonable price, but I needed tickets that left his original airport in the morning and returned five days later in the morning.  The cheaper itineraries were not giving up the optimum schedule.

So I decided to go all Broken Arrow on the airline aggregators, and priced the tickets one way to see what would happen.

What happened was simply beautiful.  Although the conventional wisdom has been that tickets are more expensive when you buy them separately instead of as a round trip, that’s not always true.  I was getting prices of $370 round trip for flight times that didn’t work for me at all (they had my husband getting to the convention too late to see all the Game of Thrones cosplay).  When I switched it up, the first leg of his flight was priced thusly:

WAY less than half!!
WAY less than half!!

I have to admit this made me a little cocky.  Only a hundred bucks?  Were we going to get a ridiculously beautiful ticket out of this?  Was there a celebration needed?  Should I break out the champagne?  Did it call for CHOCOLATE CAKE?

Not so fast – the second leg was nowhere near as inexpensive.

Not quite as awesome, but still winning.
Not quite as awesome, but still winning.

The second leg of the trip came in at $204 per ticket – still less than the original quote of $370, though!  So, I have $62 to splurge with, right?

Sixty-two dollars isn’t a huge deal, but it does make a difference.  And even more, we were able to schedule flights on the schedule we needed, rather than the way the airlines had paired the routing.  By checking multiple aggregators and breaking the ticket down into one-travel I feel all triumphant – like I beat the system.

So – $62 saved and a feeling of triumph – thus are the spoils of my travel wars.


*picture by Mewli via wikimedia commons