Get Me OUT of Here!

Anyone with kids is well acquainted with the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Days that accompany life as a parent.

It’s not that there aren’t nasty days when you don’t have kids, it’s just that when the nasty days show up post-kid you have to factor them in to your reactions.   This single fact is probably why those of us with a few mosquitos in tow don’t take off to recharge when those hideous days rear their inevitable heads.

How on Earth can you take off for a trip to recharge with THIS going on?
How on Earth can you take off for a trip to recharge with THIS going on?

Besides, we need to recharge, right?  Travel with kids is most certainly not conducive to any kind of recharge.  It can’t be.  IT IS NOT!

Plus, too expensive.

Except, no.  Neither of those things are necessarily true.

I’m having one of those days today, so I decided to fart around online and try to raise my spirits.  What did I find?  Well, it depends.  Where do you want to go?

If you don’t have points to use and you are desperate for a time-out, you have several options.  One of my favorite is Kayak, because you can input a price and find out where you can go with that using Kayak  Explore.  And the prices?  Holy WOW!

Let’s just take a gander at what we can get looking at flights leaving from LAX:

Wait - I can get to Hawaii for how much?
Wait – I can get to Hawaii for how much?

San Juan, Puerto Rico for $387?  Yes, please!  Sign me right up!  Plus, you know.  Kids are good there.  Well, I mean I can’t guarantee that they will behave well, so not good that way.  But I mean good – there is a lot for kids to do and they can have a right good time.

I can say right now that I hadn’t really thought of going to Puerto Rico lately.  Not that I have anything against Puerto Rico, I’ve just been focused on other places.  But using Kayak’s Explore tool brought that vacation right to the forefront of my mind and gave me the dates when those prices are available to boot!

A little bit of flexibility can go a very long way in travel.  And sure enough, when I chucked the dates Kayak gave me into Expedia, those prices came right up:


And, that's spring break for me right there!
And, that’s spring break for me right there!

Okay, you don’t feel like staying in the US and you can go slightly higher for a ticket?  Right in the left corner of the Explore tool I can see how much a ticket to Europe would set me back at the lowest end of the scale ($552).  Don’t want to spend even $386, but still want to go somewhere?  Did you see that Hawaii price?  Because $286 to get to Hawaii sounds right up there with ridiculous.  I mean, I want to buy that ticket RIGHT NOW, and I’m not actually anywhere near LAX.    Less than $200 per person will get you to Colorado.

I get that not everyone can afford a month-long trip through Europe (I know I certainly can’t).  The thing is – those trips we see on the reality shows where the whole family goes and has a fake idyllic time in some amazing and expensive locale?  Those aren’t the only way to travel!

Getting away for a weekend is easy.  Getting away for an inexpensive price?  Totally do-able.

So just do it.

Figure out your budget and figure out where you can go with that.  I’m thinking Jamaica is sounding pretty darn good right about now.

Not Jamaica.  But beaches are awesome.
Not Jamaica. But beaches are awesome.