SkyScanner Makes It Easy to Find Cheap Tickets to Random Destinations

Most of us have probably had the thought:  “I don’t care where we go, I’ll just see where I can get great prices.”  That sounds great, until you’ve spent six hours on the Ryan Air website and you still don’t have a plan.

Enter SkyScanner.  While it is like most other travel search sites, it has some features that make it especially appealing to me.  First, you can enter your destination as “Everywhere.”  Second, you can search for fares over a month, which is awesome if your plans are flexible or even semi-flexible.

For example, my kids have 10 days off in April.  We don’t want to travel for the whole time, maybe just 5 or 6 days.  So we’re flexible with regard to dates.  And, we don’t care where we go, as long as it is warmer than England.  So I enter London, Everywhere, and select the whole month of April.

London to anywhere


And I get results that look like this:

london to anywhere list


Admittedly, this is the top of the list and it pretty much contains places that I’ve already been, or places that are NOT warmer than England.

However, a quick scroll down brings even more options:  Croatia, Portugal, Greece, Malta.  Yum!  I feel my bones warming just thinking about it.

SkyScanner takes you to outside parties to actually purchase the tickets.  I’ve not purchased anything through them yet, but they have been highly recommended and I’m getting ready to buy any day now.

Let me know if you find SkyScanner’s everywhere and whole month search options useful, and let us know where your travels take you.